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Vision Mission Services

Central Computer Facility

Mission: To bring SSIET on the Information Super Highway

In the present world, which is dynamic and knowledge based, professional institutions have a much wider role to play in creating, preserving, organizing, transmitting and applying knowledge. Modern educational technologies developed from information technology will certainly change in terms of access, interaction, curriculum and instruction etc. The physical locations and facilities have become be less important in defining an organization due to the easy on-line access of the educational resources and hands-on practices. The CCF looks after the hardware and software maintenance of around 350 computers and 350 peripherals in the Institute located at different academic and administrative departments of the Institute. The independent computer centers of various academic departments are connected to the Severs of CCF through Wireless LAN. CCF itself contains 350 computers that are connected through wired LAN.

Responsibilities of the CCF:

  • Providing computing & networking facilities to users and groups of SSIET
  • To provide state of art facilities to the students of SSIET to make them computer wizard
  • To equip the computers of SSIET for scientific computation, academic activities, administrative and accounting data maintenance
  • To provide Internet connectivity to all users of SSIET inside the campus
  • To look after the maintenance of all the computers and peripherals of SSIET
  • To provide training to the faculty and staff of SSIET for better utilization of computational resources
  • To organize Continuing Education Program
  • To provide consultancy to other organizations
  • To maintain SSIET’s website
  • To conduct online test as a regular practice

Features of the CCF:

  • 350 latest PIV HP-Compaq/IBM nodes
  • Internet connectivity of 10 MBps bandwidth through leased line
  • 30 printers including laser and color laser
  • Handheld PC
  • scanners
  • Licensed software