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Civil Engineering

AIM of the Course

The mission of the department is to provide a high-quality engineering education and contribute new knowledge through research in Civil Engineering and allied disciplines. In addition, the department seeks to maintain recognition through work and service to the college, the university and the external community." The fundamental objective of the undergraduate educational program at the Department of Civil Engineering of SSIET is to provide the opportunity for our students to develop a firm foundation in mathematics, science, and design methodology applied to the disciplines of Civil engineering. A second, critical objective is to provide the learning environment where students understand and are able to apply the most contemporary and essential tools needed in the breadth and depth of Civil engineering.

About Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the spine of any nation, as the infrastructure of the nation is built by the civil engineers. Civil engineering is about community service, development, and improvement the planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities essential to modern life, ranging from transit systems to offshore structures to space satellites. Civil engineers are problem solvers, meeting the challenges of pollution, traffic congestion, drinking water and energy needs, urban redevelopment, and community planning.

The Civil Engineering department was established with the object of imparting training to the personnel in the field of Civil Engineering for fulfillment of the need of the “Public Works Department” of the Government of India. Recognizing the increasing market demand for the discipline for furtherance of development, SSIET has set up the Civil Engineering Department in the year 2009. This department provides excellent opportunity to build, save and change the face of the country. The institute has the best faculty having knowledge of every field of civil engineering.

Faculty Details
S. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Photo
1. Prof. Rajesh Kr. Tamrakar M.E.(Structure), Ph.D. Pursuing HOD  
2. Prof. Ravindra Sharma M.E.(Environment), Ph.D. Pursuing Assoc. Prof.  
3. Prof. Jayant.D.Supe M.E.(Environment), Ph.D. Pursuing Assoc. Prof.  
4. Prof. Yogesh Katre M.Tech. Pursuing Asst. Prof.  
5. Prof. Haidar Ali B.E. Asst. Prof.  
6. Prof. Akhilesh Yadav M.E. Pursuing Asst. Prof.  
7. Prof. Fanindra Katre M.Tech. Asst. Prof.  
8. Prof. Deepak Naik B.E. Asst. Prof.  
9. Prof. Monika Verma B.E. Asst. Prof.  
10. Prof. Pallavi Deshmukh B.E. Asst. Prof.  
11. Prof. HIrendra Sahu B.E. Asst. Prof.  
12. Prof. Ashish Pandey B.E. Asst. Prof.  
13. Prof. Kunal Naidu B.E. Asst. Prof.