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Vision Mission Services

First Year

Department of Department

Mission: The aim of the program is to undertake and promote state-of-the art technology, formal education in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. The department was established in the year 1986 along with the inception of the Institute with an aim to provide visions to built the foundation stones for higher studies in Engineering and other allied fields. The department has laboratories equipped with modern experimental kits which contain computational facilities for general physics, modern physics and optical physics. In the optics lab, facilities for live demonstration of geometrical optics and wave optical phenomenon are available


Department of Chemistry

The Department of Applied Chemistry comprises of qualified trained and dedicated team of faculty and staff members who work in highly encouraging environment. The prime responsibility of the Department is to administer the teaching of the subjects related to applied chemistry to the students of under graduate Engineering courses

Department of Mathematics

The department of Applied Mathematics has been commendably carrying out its task of teaching in undergraduate (UG) in the institute. The department was established in 2009. The department has been teaching in all the disciplines of engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Science, Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

Department of Humanities

Contributing to the professional and ethical blend of conduct of the society is the precept of the department of Humanities of SSIET, Durg. This is an outcome of an eminently sensible view that technical education needs to be complemented by a vital appreciation of the interpersonal context of all learning. Science and technology have to function within the societal and the human framework. A student not only needs to understand and develop professional ethics, social pressures and organizational structures but also to communicate with people to make his Education productive. Teaching methods in the department at the post-graduate and undergraduate levels emphasize an interactive mode and interpersonal contact between faculty and students by helping the students learn. The teaching faculties in the department attend to the changing needs of the students and various fields by updating teaching methods and patterns, keeping in focus the employability potential along with overall development of students. This is augmented by putting the students under constant evaluation on their interpersonal skills, decorum, group behavior, behavioral patterns, oral and written representations, vocabulary enrichment etc. in the language lab meant for this purpose. The teaching faculties in the department are involved in education, research and even providing training outside the institute.

Faculty Details
S. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Photo
1. Prof. Rohit Verma M.Sc., M.Phil. Asst. Prof.  
2. Prof. Kamini Verma M.Sc. Asst. Prof.  
3. Prof. Arup Haldar M.Sc., MBA Pursuing Asst. Prof.  
4. Prof. Deepak Sahu M.Sc. Asst. Prof.  
5. Prof. Madhuri Verma M.Sc. Asst. Prof.  
6. Prof. Nirbhay Singh M.Sc., Ph.D. Pursuing Asst. Prof.  
7. Prof. Mamta Parghania M.Sc. Asst. Prof.  
8. Prof. Shewta Bharadwaj M.Sc., Ph.D. Pursuing Asst. Prof.  
9. Prof. Vijita Diwan M.Sc., M.Phil Asst. Prof.  
10. Prof. Neha Shrivastava M.Sc. Asst. Prof.  
11. Prof. Rakhi Deshmukh M.A. English Literature Asst. Prof.  
9. Prof. Sneha Sharma M.A. English Literature Asst. Prof.